Luke Et al.


Mission Statement

Our Focus is to provide fast, convenient, knowledgeable solutions to your home and commercial building needs.



Et al.?

What is Et al.? Et al. is the latin phrase for and others. Luke Et al. is a collection of some of the best trades men and women who live and work in the hamptons year round.

No matter what the construction project is it will most likely involve at least two different trades. Luke Et al. handles the full range of wiring related to everything residential and commercial. Luke Et al. holds both Suffolk Country and Southampton Town licenses for Master Electrical work but we do much more than just installing electric. We also install whole home audio systems, wired and wireless networks, Flat panel TV installation, and much more.

For construction work out side of the scope of Luke Et al.'s in house staff we offer referral services free of charge to help you find the right contractor for what ever else your project may need.







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